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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Online gambling - jurisdictions – British Columbia

British Columbia gambling licenses

British Columbia , also commonly referred to by its initials B.C., is a province located on the west coast of Canada. British Columbia is also a component of the Pacific Northwest, along with the U.S. states of Oregon and Washington. The province's name was chosen in 1858 by members of the Hudson's Bay Company. In 1871, it became the sixth province of Canada.

Corporate tax: 26%
Gambling tax: TBA%

Who manages E-Gambling in British Columbia? 
The British Columbia Lottery Corporation offers online lottery games

British Columbia is waiting for the federal government to pass a Criminal Code amendment to allow single-event wagering. Nevada is the only jurisdiction in North America that takes legal bets on single games. The Criminal Code amendment has the support of the Conservative majority and would give B.C. the ability to offer the types of bets currently prohibited but available at online gaming sites outside Canada or within Nevada.
The Canadian Poker Network, established in December 2010, is the first poker network in North America. Using software developed by GTECH G2, the network is designed to handle over 10,000 concurrent players.

Security Requirements / Indemnity for Player Deposits:
Before  being  permitted  to  operate  in  the live  environment,  all gaming  supplies used  in  the Province  of  British Columbia  must  be  tested  to  the  applicable  requirements  set  forth  in  this Technical Standards Document.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:
BCLC must ensure that the IGS software is designed to satisfy the following objectives:
a) The IGS must be capable of closing player accounts.
b) The IGS must be capable of imposing deposit limits on players.
c) The IGS must be capable of logging and reporting player account activity, including:
i) Opening and closing in short time frames, and
ii) Deposits and withdraws without associated game play.
d) In order to allow BCLC to return cheques to players and mark those payments with “Account Closure” or “Over-contribution”, as the case may be, the IGS must be capable of identifying cheques and/or Electronic Fund Transfers EFTs) separately from wins.
e) The IGS must be designed such that player accounts are not permitted to exceed a limit set by BCLC in consultation the GPEB.

Contact Details:
British Columbia Lottery Corporation
74 West Seymour Street
Kamloops, British Columbia
Canada V2C 1E2

Fax: (250) 828-5631
General Information: (250) 828-5500

Online casinos licensed in British Columbia:
Play Now – BC

Online gambling - jurisdictions – Czech Republic

Czech Republic gambling licenses

The Czech Republic, in Central Europe, is known for its ornate castles, native beers and long history – from the Celtic and Germanic tribes of its founding to the Protestant Reformation and Communism. Prague, the capital, is home to a 9th-century castle, preserved medieval Old Town and statue-lined Charles Bridge. Český Krumlov is a living gallery of Renaissance-era buildings housing restaurants and shops.

Corporate tax: 19%
Gambling tax: 40%

Who manages E-Gambling in Czech Republic? 
The Ministry of Finance

The high taxation rates for online gambling makes it difficult for national operators though the tax rate is lower for foreign operators.  Though you have to have an office in the Czech Republic to qualify for a license. Previous legislation does allow for the licensing of online sportsbooks.

There are five existing bookmakers in the Czech Republic they are listed below for reference:
Sazka, Synottip, Chance, ifortuna and Tipsport

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:
All operators must comply with AML legislation.

Contact Details:
Czech Republic Ministry of Finance
Gaming Department
Letenská 15
Prague, Praha, hlavní mĕsto
Czech Republic 118 10

Fax: +420 257 042 788
General Information: +420 257 041 111

Online casinos licensed in Czech Republic:
Fortuna vsad'te se
Sazka Tip 

Online gambling - jurisdictions - Belarus

Belarus gambling licenses

Republic of Belarus, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. Its capital is Minsk; other major cities include Brest, Hrodna (Grodno), Homiel (Gomel), Mahilyow (Mogilev) and Vitsebsk (Vitebsk). Over 40% of its 207,600 square kilometres (80,200 sq mi) is forested. Its strongest economic sectors are service industries and manufacturing.

Corporate tax: 24%
Gambling tax: TBA%

Who manages E-Gambling in Belarus?
Gambling activities in Belarus are licensed by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism under the presidential decree on gambling issued on January 10, 2005.

On January 6, 2012 a law went into effect making it illegal for the citizens of Belarus to access any foreign websites or any site not hosted on a .by domain. Businesses and individuals cannot provide services through domains not registered in Belarus and owners of Internet cafes or similar facilities can face charges if Internet access is not monitored and reported for violations of the law. 

Users of Internet cafes are required to identify themselves, and records of their computer usage are kept for one year. The law goes as far as to monitor individuals with guests in their homes who may visit a foreign website while visiting – the owner is bound by law to report it or face charges. Internet Service Providers are required to register with the Ministry of Communications and Information. ISPs are to provide details of their network, systems, and information resources and disclose all devices connected to the network such as computers and mobile phones. The charges against individuals are a misdemeanor and they can be fined up to $125 USD. The Belarus tax authorities, police, and secret police will be responsible for investigating and prosecuting offenders of the new law.

Contact Details:
Ministry of Sports and Tourism
8 Kirov Street
Belarus 220050

Fax: +375 22 776 22

Online casinos licensed in Belarus:

Online gambling - jurisdictions - Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory gambling licenses

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) (formerly, "The Territory for the Seat of Government" and, later, the "Federal Capital Territory") is a territory in the south east of Australia, enclaved within New South Wales. It is the smaller of the two self-governing internal territories in Australia. The only city and by far the most populous community is Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

The Australian Capital Territory, along with Victoria, is an Australian jurisdiction whose Internet gambling legislation accords to the Australian Capital Territory's National Model, which stipulates that licenses granted in one state or territory receive reciprocal status in the other states or territories. Interactive casino gaming may be licensed through the ACT, but the license-holder may not offer bets or market to people located in Australia.

Corporate tax: 30%
Gambling tax: TBA

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is an Australian jurisdiction whose Internet gambling legislation accords to the Australian Capital Territory's National Model, which stipulates that licenses granted in one state or territory receive reciprocal status in the other states or territories.

However, the Commonwealth Government has legislated in the area of online gambling with the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA). The IGA prohibits interactive gambling services, with online wagering and online lotteries being the only exceptions. Commonwealth laws override state and territory laws, so while the Commonwealth’s law is in effect, the ACT’s Interactive Gambling Act ceases to operate. This means the ACT does not regulate online gaming services.


Security Requirements / Indemnity for Player Deposits:
Provider must hold player funds in an approved trust account.

Licence Fee:
$200,000 when license is granted
$100,000 every year after that

Software Testing Requirements:
Any software being used must be included within a “control system submission”. This includes everything to do with the licensees proposed gaming system and needs to be approved before any site is opened up. Any changes to this must go through the regulator.

Reporting Requirements to Regulators:
At the end of each financial year an audit must be produced within three months. The financial statements and accounts must include trading accounts (if applicable), profit and loss accounts, and a balance sheet.

Contact Details:
ACT Gambling and Racing Commission
Level 2, Canberra Nara Centre
1 Constitution Avenue
Canberra City, Australian Capital Territory
Australia 2601

Fax: +61 2 6207 7372
General Information: +61 2 6207 0359

Online casinos licensed in Australian Capital Territory:

Online gambling - Jurisdictions – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Gambling Licenses

Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a country in Southeastern Europe located on the Balkan Peninsula. Sarajevo is the capital[1] and largest city.[5] Bordered by Croatia to the north, west, and south; Serbia to the east; Montenegro to the southeast; and the Adriatic Sea to the south, with a coastline about 20 kilometres (12 miles) long surrounding the city of Neum.

Corporate tax: 10%
Gambling tax: TBA%

Who manages E-Gambling in Bosnia?
The “Republicka Uprava Za Igre Na Srecu” (RUIS), which is the gaming regulatory board under the Ministry of Finance at Republika Srpska (an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

In January 2011, Republika Srpska granted the first Internet gaming license to WILLIAMS, a land-based bookmaker and slot hall operator. WILLIAMS’s online gaming site WWin (, offers sports betting and casino games to players throughout the region. Any player that is not registered or does not have an account in a bank within Republika Srpska will be banned.

To ensure winnings payout, organising games of chance fees, and other liabilities can be paid, an Internet games of chance organiser must have a dedicated deposit in the amount of 1.000.000 KM at the bank with a seat in Republika Srpska during the permission period or a banking guarantee in that amount. Consent for activating a banking guarantee for winnings payout is issued by the Board. If activated, the organizer is obliged to renew the banking guarantee within a maximum of 30 days.

Organisers must pay a fee in the amount of 4% of the basis, which consists of total stakes minus total winnings.

Licence Fee:
200.000 KM is paid for permission to organise Internet games of chance.

Licence Length:

Software Testing Requirements:
All equipment must be located in the territory of Republika Srpska, which refers to hardware and software used by players to participate in games of chance through the Global Internet Network (GIN); Internet games of chance organisers must ensure functional IT equipment which enables connection with the Board's IT system for supervision and control of financial activities

Contact Details:
The Ministry of Finance of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mehmed Spahe 5
Bosnia and Herzegovina
General Information: +387 33 253 400

Online casinos licensed in Bosnia:

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Online Gambling - Jurisdictions - Austria

Austria Gambling Licenses

Austria is a federal republic and a landlocked country in East Central Europe. It is bordered by the Czech Republic and Republic of Germany to the north, Hungary and Slovakia to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west.

Corporate tax: 25%
Gambling tax: 16%

Who manages E-Gambling in Austria?
Gambling, casinos, and lotteries are regulated by the Law on Games of Chance (GSpG) and fall within the remit of the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance is also the responsible authority for the supervision of licensed companies.

Based on the Austrian Gaming Act (Glücksspielgesetz), Austria-based companies are eligible for online gaming licenses to offer lottery services and casino games via the Internet, mobile phones, and interactive television but only Austrian residents are allowed to play. Foreign operators are required to have a corporation with a supervisory board, with a registered office on domestic territory or such a corporation founded within three months from obtaining a concession. The arrangement, organization, or provision of illegal online casino games is an offense as well as the promoting, arranging, or enabling the participation in online casino games. Offenses are also in place for the transfer of funds by banks paid by players to an organizer or provider of “illegal” online casino games.

Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries (Österreichische Lotterien GmbH) have been issued online gaming licenses to conduct online lotteries and casino games, thereby creating a monopoly. Austrian citizens may gamble online with foreign operators. Austria views remote bookmaking services as an extension of state-licensed, land-based operations.

Licence Fee:
€ 10 000.00

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:
The A-FIU is responsible for (i) combating money laundering by receiving, analysing and disseminating money laundering-related STRs, as well as for (ii) the receipt, analysis and dissemination of terrorist financing-related STRs for the purposes of money laundering. Should the STRs received by the A-FIU relate to terrorist financing then the A-FIU has to forward them to the Federal Agency for State Protection Counter Terrorism (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung – BVT) which remains the competent authority for combating terrorist financing as such.

Austria Restrictions:
Each licensee has to set up legal entity in Austria. However, if the licensee has a comparable license in its host country and if there exists a comparable state authority providing information exchange and effecting control measures on site, the a foreign licensee can operate via an Austrian branch.

Contact Details:
Address : Austrian Ministry of Finance, Hintere Zollamtsstraße 2b, Vienna, Wien, Austria 1030
General Information: +43 1 514 330

Online casinos licensed in Austria:
Clover Betting
GW Bet
SJ Bet
Top Win

Online gambling - Jurisdictions - Belgium

Belgium Gambling Licenses

Belgium officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a federal monarchy in Western Europe. It is a founding member of the European Union and hosts the EU's headquarters as well as those of several other major international organisations such as NATO. Belgium covers an area of 30,528 square kilometers (11,787 sq mi) and has a population of about 11 million people.

Corporate tax: 33%
Gambling tax: TBA%

Who manages E-Gambling in Belgium?
The Gaming Commission instituted in 1999 is the main body responsible for issuing gaming licenses.

In January 2011, the new Belgian Gambling Act was enacted. Online games of chance were placed under the supervision of the Gaming Commission. The online licenses (A+, B+, and F1+) allow licensees of the following class licenses to operate games of chance online: Class A (operating casino operations); Class B (operating gaming arcades); and Class F1 (organizing wagers).Under the new Act, only licensed, land-based operators in Belgium may apply for an online license. The operators’ online gaming servers must be located in Belgium and the online games must be the same games offered in land-based operations. This law requires gaming operators to align themselves with an established brick-and-mortar Belgium casino or own one or more themselves. All operators are required to pay a €250,000 guarantee fee. All prior taxes and debts of license applicants must be paid prior to submitting an application. Operators are required to pay an 11 percent tax on all gross gaming revenues. The horse racing tax is 3 percent and pari-mutuel bets on foreign horse races are taxed at 3.7 percent.

The Act also increased the powers of the Gaming Commission, which can now impose fines in case of breach of the Gambling Act. The Act provides criminal penalties and/or administrative sanctions for any person involved in illegal games of chance. This not only applies to the operator who facilitates the illegal games of chance but also to participants.

Licence Fee:
Three licences available as follows:
NINE A+ licences (for casinos to operate online) Licence deposit of €250,000
180 B+ licences (for gaming arcades) Licence deposit of €75,000
34 F1+ licences (for wagers)

Licence Length:

Reporting Requirements to Regulators:
Financial information must be submitted upon applications regardless of which licence you’re applying for.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:
Belgium has the core elements of a sound anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) regime, although some elements are not yet fully in line with the 2012 FATF Recommendations.

Country Restrictions:
Belgium allows for online gaming and gambilng exclusively to Belgian customers

Contact Details: 
Commission des Jeux de Hasard (Belgium Gaming Commission)
115 Boulevard de Waterloo

General Information: +32 25-040040
Fax: +32 25-040066

Online casinos licensed in Belgium :
Golden Palace Belgium
Grand Games
Lucky Games
Napoleon Games
Versailles Palace