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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Operating under a Curacao eGaming License

Types of E-Gaming services operating from Curacao

The purpose of this entry is to list some of the more popular eGaming services that can be authorized to operate under the Curacao eGaming Licensing Services. Although this is not intended to be a complete list, it should serve as a general guidance. Specific questions should be directed to our support desk.

Operating under a Curacao eGaming License covers games of skill, randomness and chance that use telecommunications (phone, Internet, networks, servers, etc.)

  1. Sports books
  2. Betting exchanges 
  3. Online casino games (roulette, blackjack, slots, etc.)
  4. Live dealing 
  5. Peer to peer games (poker, bingo, backgammon, Mah-jong, etc.)
  6. Mobile phone betting
  7. Fantasy football (or similar)
  8. Financial trading
  9. Pari-mutuel and pool betting 
  10. Network gaming
  11. Lotteries
  12. Trivia
  13. Certain spot-the-ball style games
This list is not exhaustive.


Want to start your own casino?

To offer a casino from Curacao you will need:

1. A reliable trust/management company
2. A license
3. Servers
4. And games to offer your audience

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