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Friday, 16 August 2013

NON USA Webhosting and servers

In light of the PRISM revelations by Edward Snowden, the world is witnessing what can only be described as a technological revolution. Developers, hackers, activists, passavists, tree huggers and the like have jumped into a hive of activity to diversify how they use technology with the intention of maintaining their right to privacy.

More and more people are turning to encrypted email and chat programmes. People are becoming more and more discerning as to what services they use and are taking an interest in who own those services and what the relationship is with centralised authorities.

Developers and hackers are pumping out alternatives that are guaranteed to diversify how people communicate with each other. As people become aware of the privacy dangers of using centrally controlled systems a move to open source protocols can be expected with users having a choice of diversification of flavours. I certainly foresee that a plethora of encryption technologies will in the years to come, become the norm for any type of communication for the averagely paranoid individual.

In our own line of work we are meeting more and more people who do not feel safe hosting on USA soil and with the Snowden revelations over the past few months, I am not surprised. And while international hosting is a premium, the right to privacy is worth paying for.

What puts in a unique position is that we have a direct line to the USA, the nap of the Americas, which means we can offer lightning fast services for any company, who takes their privacy seriously and who wishes to host outside of USA shores.


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