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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Online Gambling Juristictions - United Kingdom

United Kingdom Gambling Licenses 
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe. It consists of four countries namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Its capital city is London, it is one of the Commonwealth Realms and it has fourteen British Overseas Territories.

Corporate tax: Typical UK Corporate taxes apply
Gambling tax: 15%
Fees: Starting from £25,000.00

Who manages E-Gambling in United Kingdom?
The UK Gambling Commission is the regulatory body with the authority to license and regulate wagering in the UK. All traditional types of gaming, from poker to sports betting to casino gambling, are legal and subject to licensing laws. There are minimum technical standards for online gaming companies set up by the Commission. Two main types of gambling licences are remote gambling licences, and non-remote licences. Recently the UK and EU have set their sights on the gambling industry with the aim to implement stricter regulations. Their regulations are designed to prevent compulsive gambling, keep children from placing bets, and ensure fair play.

There are six types of online gaming licenses are available these fall into the remote gambling licence category: a casino operating license, a bingo operating license, a general betting operating license, a pool betting operating license, a betting intermediary operating license, and a lottery operating license. If you plan to offer more than one type of gaming experience, you will have to apply for multiple licenses. The UK is seen as an excellent iGaming jurisdiction, however comparatively high tax makes the UK uncompetitive globally.  Online gaming is taxed at a rate of 15% of the operator’s gross profit. For a betting exchange, poker site, or pool/pari-mutuel operator, the tax rate is 15% of the operator’s commission.

Security Requirements / Indemnity for Player Deposits:
Your company will be required to create policies that promote socially responsible gambling. These policies must be posted on your website. In these published policies, you must explain how you will help fund research into preventing problem gambling, how you will identify problem gamblers, how you will help fund treatment for problem gamblers, and how you will help educate the public as to the risks of problem gambling. Your site must also contain links to other websites that offer information and treatment for problem gamblers. You must be able to establish that you have trained your employees on how to identify problem gamblers. You must also have an option where people can exclude themselves from your services. Finally, you must make sure that all of your advertising encourages responsible gambling and discourages compulsive and underage gaming.

The Gambling Commission (the Commission) regulates gambling in the public interest alongside its co-regulators local licensing authorities. It does so by keeping crime out of gambling, by ensuring that gambling is conducted fairly and openly, and by protecting children and vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by gambling. The Commission also provides independent advice to government on gambling in Britain.

The Commission and local licensing authorities are responsible for licensing and regulating all gambling in Great Britain other than the National Lottery and spread betting, which are the responsibility of the National Lottery Commission and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) respectively. 

Recently the Commission announced that its test purchase programme would continue as part of a national campaign to ensure the safety and security of all players.

Test purchasing is one method by which the Commission may measure the compliance of licensed operators, or groups of licensed operators, with aspects of the Gambling Act 2005. Failure by individual operators to put in place effective controls could lead to further action by either the local authority or the Commission. Further details can be found in the Commission’s published ‘Approach to Test Purchasing’ and Licensing Compliance and Enforcement policy statement.

See the terms & conditions section of the Gambling Commissions website for information on legal advice.

Licence Fee:
The Gambling Commission began accepting applications for licenses on January 2, 2006 and began awarding them in September 2007. 

You will be charged both an application fee and, should you be granted a license, an annual operational fee. These fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on the gross revenue of your company.

The starting price for application fees payable to the UK Gambling Commission is around £10,000.00 and annual fees are around £25,000.00, however, keep in mind that the level of fees depends on the business size and activities provided, therefore this is  a very rough guide of the potential figures.

There is a Fees calculator on the Gambling Commissions website:

Operators who wish to operate more than one type need only apply for one betting license type.

Licence Length:
One year

Resolution of Complaints and Disputes:
The Gambling Commission takes all complaints very seriously. If you wish to complain about the way a gambling business is being run, which may indicate a threat to the licensing objectives of the Gambling Commission, you should follow the complaints procedure set out at their website.

Software Testing Requirements:
All gambling software (eg a slots game) must meet the Gambling Commission’s remote gambling and software technical standards if it is made available to customers via for example, an online casino in reliance on a Gambling Commission operating licence.  The gambling software must be tested in accordance with the testing strategy prior to the game being made available for use.

However, if the gambling software for example a slots game, is only ever supplied to operators licensed in other jurisdictions it does not need to comply with the Commission’s remote gambling and software technical standards. Instead it must meet the technical and testing requirements of the jurisdiction in which it will be made available to players.

Reporting Requirements to Regulators:
The Commission have the power to review the performance of licence holders against the terms of their licence.

Reviewing individual operating and personal licences:
They have the power to review operating and personal licences, on any of the following four grounds, if they:
  1. Have reason to suspect  that a licence condition may have been breached
  2. Believe the licence holder, or any person connected with the gambling activities, has been convicted of a relevant offence in Great Britain or abroad
  3. Suspect the licence holder may be unsuitable to perform the licensed activities
  4. Think a review would be appropriate. (This means that a licence could be reviewed solely on the grounds, for example, that it has been held for a long period of time, and we consider a review necessary.)
Reviews by ‘types of licence’: They reserve the right to review matters relating to a particular type of operating licence.  The purpose of such reviews is to examine the manner in which licence holders, as a whole:
  1. carry out licensed activities
  2. comply with the conditions attached to the type of operating licence.
Following a review, we may choose to exercise their regulatory powers as set out on their website.

United Kingdom Restrictions:
You may not promote your site to people living outside the UK, except for the whitelisted countries of Alderney, Antigua and Barbuda, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and Tasmania.

Contact Details:
Gambling Commission
Victoria Square House
Victoria Square
B2 4BP Fax: 0121 230 6720

Telephone: 0121 230 6666

There are over 99 Online casinos licensed in United Kingdom

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