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Thursday, 8 October 2015

My favourite VPS server setup

What VPS to use?

As a software developer and an e-commerce entrepreneur, I have over the years developed my favourite server setup.

I thought I would share this with our customers:
  1. OS: Ubuntu 14.04
  2. Disk space: 20 GIG
  3. CPU: 1
  4. RAM: 1
  5. Remote hands
  6. Backups: Monthly, weekly daily


I like the Ubuntu linux distribution as it is simple to use, it is well documented and lovingly supported by the open source community. I have used other distributions and this is the only one I find easy to use.

Disk space

When starting a new project, generally I do not need more than 20 gig. A VPS is scalable so it is easy to add space as and when it is needed and at 50c per gig, it does not break the bank.


Rule of thumb, as per disk space, start with what you need. It can always be upgraded at a later date.

Remote hands

Remote hands is pretty much an account on our cloud, it gives you access to your VPS server. When you email into support to have your server rebooted. We are doing what you could be doing. So get rid of the middle man.


This is not a zip of your server, this is an image or a snapshot of the state of your server at a given time. If for instance you do something really stupid, you can quickly restore a previous backup which takes less than a couple of minutes. Its $35 bucks per month - which is worth every penny considering the hours you may need to spend to fix/restore a self inflicted problem.

That is my recommendation for VPS servers on the Curacao Cloud!

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