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Tuesday, 8 March 2016


At the I.C.E show, in London, earlier this year we caught up with some of the betting and gaming companies, during the course of the next few weeks we will be showcasing some of the companies that we met up with.

With over a decade of experience specialising in development and integration of a broad range of programming, data base design, client-server and internet/intranet software applications, betologic is the company to use when searching for the perfect betting solutions.

Operating from Cyprus, their vision involves getting engaged and improving their customers business processes by delivering outstanding support and supplying high standard IT services and products.
Betologic is committed to meet directly with their customers requirements and needs, and together they collaborate with the appropriate field specialists.

Their personnel consist of specialists in their field of work, from developers and researchers to the best-of-the breed IT talents and expertise.

A broad range of services are offered to their clients.  To name a few, their services include, hosting; designing; development; configuration; integration and implementation of innovative software for wide-sector and high-risk IT projects.

The following products are also available from betologic:

Specially designed for betting shops.  This modern all-in-one POS, has the printer and scanner service integrated into the device.  It provides complete support of the entire betting process.
This product can be installed on an unlimited number of dedicated terminals of the betting organization.  It also offers a direct, professional and high quality betting channel.
The shop owner is able to use their existing HW-BET (handwritten bet forms or request ne customized HW-BET forms according to the needs of the betting shop.  One is also able to specify the specific bet data that needs to be entered and validated by the system.
The features that this terminal offers are unbelievable and below is a list of some of the advantages:

·         E-Bet Support
·         OMR-BET Support (Mark Sense) Form Support
·         Barcode Reader and Bet Slip Integration Scanner
·         Send and Receive Announcements
·         Real-Time Data Feed and Updates
·         Offline Bet Support
·         Shop Report and Receipt Generator
·         Profitability Analysis and Reporting
·         Betting and Transaction History
·         Shop Accounting and Audit Trails
·         Shop User Management and Privilege Management
·         Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support
·         Customer Management
·         Extra Displays Support
·         Royalty Client Card/Membership Support
·         Self Service Terminals Software and Integration Support

The internet betting product offered ensure secure transactions, account management and high performance betting services. They are designed specifically to care for your specific needs and the functionalities that are required by any booking organisation.
Internet betting may be customised and called to include particular services for betting shops, mobile and teletext betting.
The features are as follows:

·         Fully Customizable Functionality
·         High Quality Web Design
·         Secure and Transparent Processes
·         Efficient and Reliable Betting Platform
·         Fully Scalable and Maintainable Architecture
·         Multi-Language Support
·         Secure Payment Transaction Processing
·         Multiple Payment Methods
·         Use of Future-Proof-Technologies
·         Multi-Browser Support

The multi-platform application offered for mobile betting supports creating and accessing accounts.  One is also able to browse for opportunities, place bets, check current bets placed and account status.
This product supports various smart phone operating systems, for example, the Nokia's Symbian OS, Apple's iOS, RIM's BlackBerry, Microsoft's Windows Phone OS, Linux, Palm WebOS, Google's Android, Samsung's Bada OS and Nokia's Maemo.
Basic advantages:
·         Access to Real-Time Betting Services
·         Instant Notifications of Updates
·         Access from Anywhere and at Anytime
·         Optimized Navigation Interfaces

The software offered for self-service betting terminals or kiosks can be installed on a variety of platforms and can be placed within the premises of betting shops. The terminals can be integrated with the betting shop system, so that a centralized accounts system can be accessed and optionally, utilize a selection from the following hardware interfaces: touch screen terminal, LCD terminal, keyboard and mouse, bank note reader, card reader, ticket printer and receipt printer.
Self-service terminals provide the customer with a user-friendly and an easy to handle interface. It also allows customers to conduct betting transactions in a secure and controlled environment.  You are able to browse opportunities for markets and events, and complete betting activities with a direct link to the central system by using coins and banknote slots. The self-service terminals can be optionally branded with the bookmakers' own brand name with graphic art/design.
Basic features:
·         Easy to Use and Handle Interface
·         Intelligent Transaction Processing and Bill Validator
·         Multi-Language Support
·         Fully-Integrated with the Central Shop System
·         Secure Transaction Processing

The telephone betting product promotes professional direct betting channels for customers that cannot visit betting shops, online sports books or use online applications.
This betting channel offers both deposit and credit account services, instant update on betting opportunities and professional betting services for customers. 
The customer can be informed on the latest odds either on the phone or through the teletext and place bets for the range of sports available.
Basic advantages:
·         Custom Navigation Menus
·         Direct Access to Real-Time Betting Services
·         Instant Update on Account and Bet Status
·         Accessed from Anywhere and at Anytime

This is the all in one product to tie up any of your betting requirements.
The back office system automates the management, control and monitoring of the core aspects of the betting business. The innovative platform supports management and administration over a selection of specialized services, and supports any-size betting organization; a unified control centre for betting shops, betting terminals, website(s), mobiles, call centre(s) and many other custom-build modules specified by the organization.
The suite ensures provision and customization of live scores of sports and matches, and has integrated fully-featured functions to carry out efficiently and consistently the whole betting process.
It guarantees a high level of security and performance, an in-depth business risk analysis, real-time reporting and fraud control. Dynamic configurations allow detailed user, betting shop activity analysis, real-time alerts and notifications, efficient and extensive management tools for intelligent decision support and statistics with pin-point accounts accuracy for payments, losses and margins.
Basic features:
·         Security and Fraud Detection
·         Real-Time Risk Management
·         Automatic P&L Calculations
·         Intelligent Decision Support
·         Multi-Level Automatic and Custom Market and Odds Management
·         Instantaneous Statistics
·         Continuous Reporting
·         Centralized Control

With their innovative iBet products and advanced technology features, for all types of businesses and customers, you couldn’t go wrong with BET O LOGIC.

Want to start your own casino?

To offer a casino from Curacao you will need:

  1. A reliable trust/management company
  2. A license
  3. Servers
  4. And games to offer your audience works with the top companies in Curacao offering a reliable and affordable service to the industry. We are based from ECP (the islands premier data center) and host a variety of local and international gaming companies.

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Want to start your own casino?

To offer a casino from Curacao you will need:

1. A reliable trust/management company
2. A license
3. Servers
4. And games to offer your audience

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