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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Tropical paradise - treasures found in the Caribbean

Breaking news:  ‘St Kitts-Nevis government to stimulate small business development”; “How Nevis Plans to Become the Greenest Island on Earth”

The Caribbean islands offer diverse opportunities for investors.  As the Caribbean population launch their own businesses, many are seeking financial backing for early stage growth, giving outsiders an opportunity to invest directly in the growth of the Caribbean economy.  Although the UN is predicting the slowest growth in the Caribbean in 2016, we still feel these islands are worth looking at for long-term investment.  One such investment is in Geothermal Energy.  

According to a Consortium, Nevis Renewable Energy International, Nevis’ long-dormant geothermal energy plans have new life…..  An agreement was signed to develop geothermal on the island and given the amount of energy estimated to exist on Nevis, opinion is that Nevis could soon export energy to nearby islands.  This project will create increased economic growth, reduce power costs and increase employment and economic opportunities for businesses and  is expected to begin operation in 2017. Based on the continued need for Foreign Direct Investment, St Kitts & Nevis have launched their Citizenship By Investment Programme.

Curacao has an open market driven economy where foreign investors may own property without restrictions.  It has a diverse economy, excellent infrastructure for doing business, friendly and well educated multilingual population, a safe environment for investments because of its established financial and legal structure and offers opportunities and incentives for inbound investment.  Exemptions on income tax, tax holidays for substantial investments in local start-ups, and special tax incentives are available.  For those who wish to use Curacao for privacy and investment diversification and asset protection, or for holding international assets there are local companies and trusts available which are also tax free.  Curacao is a member of the CBI (Caribbean Basin Initiative) a trade program which facilitates and provides duty-free access to US markets for most goods.
Many agencies within the Caribbean assist potential investors in making the right choice of investment thereby enhancing the investors’ portfolio and assisting to grow the Caribbean.
Is there any reason not to invest in these Caribbean islands?

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