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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Juma Group - Booming Games

At the I.C.E show, in London, earlier this year we caught up with some of the betting and gaming companies, during the course of the next few weeks we will be showcasing some of the companies that we met up with.

The JUMA GROUP is a group of companies situated in Douglas, Isle of Man committed to creating a new philosophy in the gaming industry.

All games are developed and supported by their in-house team consisting of some of the leading young professional entrepreneurs who guarantee full diversity in the field of gaming. They have an astounding mission: “our mission is to deliver custom-tailored and quality software and services to the leading operators from around the world, thereby affirming their trust in our ethos, integrity, and expertise.”

Their gaming platform is powered by a variety of core components including:

- Multi-sales channel
Provide ownership of their platforms to partnering operators which mean that platform owners can personalise their numerous white labels over various mediums from desktop, mobile, retail, terminals and even IpTV.

- All-in-one back office
Operators have full access to the back-end of the system and to detailed reports which are customised as needed.

- Built-in sports betting engine
The architecture allows bookmakers to select external source feeds to be handled as ’feed automated’, ‘fully automated’ or ‘manual’ markets.

- Central risk management
Provides real-time calculations of liabilities, “what-if” scenarios and has the ability to set betting limits on players.

- Proprietary bonus engine
This ‘state of the art’ engine allows operators to set bonuses for all the different channels.

- Multiple languages, currency and time zone support affiliate and multi-level tree systems
Affiliate websites are allowed to register and apply for affiliate deals, retrieve marketing material, monitor earnings, request payments and communicate with the operators.

- Future bets
Allows players to place future bets on potential winnings of current bets.

Booming games is the creative branch and software developer of the Juma Group. They are the leading B2B provider of proprietary components for the online gaming industry. They have a unique and novel configuration of interfaces, highly entertaining themes and characters as well as over 50 games.

Booming games has recently announced that they will be collaborating with two key partners in Asia – Xin Gaming and Asia Gaming with offices in Athens, London, the Isle of Man and now opening offices in Manila to further expand their global outreach.

Booming Games are HTML5 compatible, have versatile API, mobile phone optimisation which are high definition and 3D.

A short list of some of the games they offer:

- Deep Sea Danger
The transparent reels give players a clear view of the underwater landscape which unfolds before their eyes. In terms of design, Deep Sea Danger provides players with a good quality and believable creation from the very start.

- Devil’s Lust
This game is all about temptation, indulging in one’s favourite past-times and of course big cash rewards. The ominous “evil” musical theme adds to the very special atmosphere drawing players to this fun-filled and peculiar universe.

- Dolphin’s Luck
The transparent reels give players an amazing view of the coral reef with its many inhabitants where this game takes place. Players will catch a glimpse of the occasional animated crustacean as the reels spin.

- Fruity Lights
Players will face an old-school slot machine with a peculiar retro-futuristic design. The music is a mix of retro - and computer sounds with enhanced sound effects after each win. The final result is quite unique and memorable!

- Masters of the Sky and many many more.


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