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Wednesday, 20 September 2017


At the I.C.E show, in London, earlier this year we caught up with some of the betting and gaming companies, during the course of the next few weeks we will be showcasing some of the companies that we met up with.

SpotOption was established in 2010 with headquarters in Israel and branches in Cyprus and Hong Kong. Today, SpotOption are the leading binary option platform providers.

They boast over 300 white labels having gained the necessary expertise to know what makes a platform profitable.

A binary option is in essence a prediction of the stock price, commodity, index or currency movement within a specific time. With a binary option a trader never purchases or owns the asset they only predict the direction in which the asset will go. Binary options are also known as Digital Options, “all-or-nothing” Options or Fixed Return Options (FRO’s).

A white label is an independent operator who chooses to use SpotOption software under license. With this license, an operator receives all of the programs and services that SpotOption offers fully branded with their choice of ‘look-and-feel’. This can either be as part-and-parcel of an existing brand or as an independent operation. The white label can then commence collecting revenues and paying over commission to SpotOption for their services and technology.

Risk technology, trading options, complete websites, distinct branding, fully supported API, affiliated program integration, profit maximization as well as feeds and data streams are just some of SpotOptions’ capabilities and strengths.

SpotOption Exchange, the first licensed investment firm in the EU for Binary options trading, is the partner company of SpotOption whose headquarters are in Limassol, Cyprus. SpotOption Exchange obtained its license in May 2012, and are regulated by CySec under license number 170/12.

SpotOption boasts in setting the trend and staying ahead of the market ensuring their white labels have the latest technology, services and features, for example:

· Smart Phone Application
Offers traders the ability to trade on the go with either iPhone or Android

· Option Builder
Choose options, expiry dates, risk ratios

· One Touch
For traders to earn the return percentage on their investment prices only have to reach the goal rate once a week

· 60 Seconds
Traders can open multiple positions and view results within 60 seconds.

· Roll Over / Double Up
Roll Over allows the trader to delay the expiry time (at a cost), and Double Up the recreation of the same position, with new market conditions.

· Sell
Allows traders the possibility to remove themselves by selling back their option.

· Pairs
Traders can trade one asset vs. another.

· SpotFollow
Traders can follow the platform’s most successful traders, and copy their position.

· SpotWizTraders can create strategies with a simple, self-prompting wizard.

· Ladder
Traders get multiple strike prices with different pay-out dynamics for each position, allowing for relatively high pay-outs on short term trades.

· TradeOn
Traders can continue trading assets during the weekend, holiday and whenever the market is closed however expiries function during normal trading (Monday to Friday).

· SpotForex
Similarly Traders can trade in Forex in a most simplified, clear and user-friendly manner.


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