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Friday, 3 March 2017

Enterra - Online Poker Specialists

At the I.C.E show, in London, earlier this year we caught up with some of the betting and gaming companies, during the course of the next few weeks we will be showcasing some of the companies that we met up with.

The Enterra team consists of experts in software and game development for both desktop and mobiles using various technology for their game development i.e. .Net, Java, Flash, iPhone, etc.

Enterra is a card game development company with solid experience in developing different types of poker games for both browser and desktop play and also offers support to all aspects of game development services beginning with concept, design and programming to Q&A and technical support.

Based in Russia Enterra is one of the leading software development companies specialising in high-end application development, design and product engineering with representative offices in USA (Tampa), Germany (Schwetzingen), Russia (Moscow, Barnaul) as well as development centres in Russia and Ukraine, boasting over 80 software developers on their staff.

They work jointly with your IT team to protect your intellectual property whilst assisting you reach your software and development goals. They are experienced in developing original games as well as porting existing games to various platforms and strive to build games to your exact specification irrespective of the size of the game.

They offer a wide range of services:
  • business, web and mobile applications development;
  • systems integrations
Some of the gaming offerings are:

- Enterra Poker

Players use a specific program to play directly on servers. Besides game services, there are other services for money transfer, access to data via web pages etc. The system is administered and managed via specialized software.

- Academagia – Role Playing Gamer

All playing mechanics are based on the idea of world modification through the system of effects. In the region of 50 effects, such as Add, Expand, Increase, Transfer, Explore etc. allow the player every possible actions. The sets of such effects provide the basis of Ability, Action and Spell.

- Fantasy Football

Using this service the user is enabled to create new fantasy games. The first step is to specify game details - game name, money type (real money or fantasy money), bid amount, maximum players' amount, date and time of the game and optional password.

- Sports Monitor

The site project gives visitors an opportunity to receive future games results which is forecast by professionals - handicappers (cappers) who perform all dirty work and always are up on sports events. Several handicappers work on the site and each of them specializes in a certain kind of sports, in a certain league or association.

- gives users the ability to quickly and easily create and manage office pool wagers ranging from sporting events to bespoke betting scenarios such as who will land the most clients in a calendar month or the sex of a team members’ unborn child.


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