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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Gambling Hosting In Curacao - what you need to know

So you want to start an online Gambling Business? I did just this in 2003 but the hoops I had to jump through were far and few between. I started my business on a $25 hosting account and a wing and a prayer. How times have changed!

Gambling License

In 2006 I got my first Gambling License in Curacao and learned through the school of hard knocks what not to do. And I recognise today,  had I not started on a $25 hosting account, I would no longer be in business today. Licensing in Curacao is cheap, cheaper than pretty much all other jurisdictions, but it is the associated costs that can cause the house of cards to tumble. If you are on a budget, then you need to think smart and cut your cloth to fit.

You will need an E-Zone Company

An e-zone company is one that operates from a free port or "economic zone". E-Zone companies are used by a host of industries including the gambling industry. They are regulated companies, that pay a small amount of tax and are listed on the local chamber of commerce. In fact, the chamber of commerce lists a number of trust companies who can help you set up your e-zone company.

You will need a trust company to manage your e-zone company

These guys are essentially the paper pushers who set up your company, act as company directors, apply for various licenses, open up bank accounts, submit tax returns etc. At anything from $200 + per hour, they are not cheap and the costs quickly add up. In the past we negotiated fixed fees, however, today with so much regulation that needs to be adhered to, trust companies are no longer working on a fixed fee basis.

You will need web hosting for your business

Now if you are used to USA hosting costs you are in for a surprise as hosting and bandwidth in Curacao is expensive. Some licensing authorities channel their clients to associated hosting centers who tie them into various unexpected commitments. Other licensing authorities do not mind who you host with however they charge more for their licensing. You need to pick the licensing authority that suits you.

So those are the facts about starting your gambling business in Curacao Here is a quick list of things you should ask or at least research before you make a commitment:
  1. The purpose of a trust company is to manage your affairs on the island and to give your business a local presence. Find out if the trust company you wish to work with will negotiate fixed yearly rates, this way no unexpected bills will come your way.
  2. Will the trust company include a bank account setup and two e-wallets in the setup fees? An account that will not be blocked from paying certain countries (some unfortunately block gaming companies from making payments to certain jurisdictions).
  3. Does the bank charge monthly fees?
  4. Ask your prospective trust company, who your potential license will be issued through. Cheap is not necessary a good thing.
  5. Find out what string are attached to being issued with a license. How many domains does the license cover. Are you required to take out hosting with a specific data center, what are the costs and are they negotiable? How long are the contract terms, are they negotiable? Can you host with
  6. Find out who else can issue licenses and their associated costs.
  7. I am not even going to mention the costs if you are using a third party supplier of software.
  8. Now do the sums. Trust company set up costs + bank account set up costs + Hosting costs + Monthly License costs + yearly trust company costs + monthly bank account costs.
If you have done the above you will get a good idea as to what it will cost to run a gambling business in Curacao. The biggest tragedy as I see it is that many good people end up closing down shop not because they have a bad business model but because they need a break. As I mentioned in the start of this article, my business was started on a wing and a prayer. I had no costs other than my $25 hosting account and the $400 per month I paid myself as a salary.

It took a number of years to build up momentum. Had I had the above expenditure from word go, I would not be writing this today.

Remember one thing, Curacao wants your business and it is up to you to state your terms and conditions. You do everyone in the industry a favour if you hold fast on what you can work with. You do nobody a favour if you go out of business within 12 months due to overinflated costs.

 Good luck with your endeavors and feel free to contact us should you need some help or advice.

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