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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


At the I.C.E show, in London, earlier this year we caught up with some of the betting and gaming companies, during the course of the next few weeks we will be showcasing some of the companies that we met up with.

Cubeia is a software development company based in Stockholm, Sweden that specializes in building high quality gaming solutions for the gaming and gambling industries.

Cubeia was founded in 2007 and consists of a team of skilled developers who all love a technical challenge. They focus on ensuring gaming is scalable, not redundant and widely available.

Cubeia poker is an innovative poker system built in HTML5 and Javascript and is the most advanced HTML5 client on the market.


Cubeia Poker is a turnkey poker system that includes back-office, bonus system, client gameserver and single wallet integrations. It enables gambling with real money, and is proven to be a stable and high-performing system. Cubeia Poker is a modularized and decoupled system which allows servers to be started stand-alone or together with a select group of services.

Cubeia Poker understands that client enjoyment and user-friendly systems are vital to success, and structures their platforms in a way that facilitates this. By nature, HTML provides a low threshold to open and login to a web-based game, meaning players can access online gaming from virtually any device.

Features include:
  • Multi-tabling – Players can open multiple tables in smaller pop-up windows. Tables can be resized to full view, or auto-tiled on screen.
  • Hand Replayer – By simply pressing a button, players can share a hand with friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc through the URL that is generated. Hand Replayer allows players to speed, pause and jump back and forth through actions.
  • Response Lobby – The lobby adapts layout according to screen size based on the client’s phone or tablet.
  • Avatars and Table Themes – Players may select different avatars and table themes while playing.
  • Light-weight and Fast Integration – Any existing wallet can be simply integrated. The client is skinnable using standard CSS, which can be overridden and done without the client knowing.
  • Agile Development – The modular code-base and architecture of Cubeia Poker makes it a lean and agile project, allowing developers to start without complex databases and unnecessary waiting time.

The Cubeia Network is a supportive back office suite that uses high performance services and administrative tools used to facilitate optimum management in igaming systems. Components of the Back Office are stand alone, but can be integrated together. Cubeia Network comes in two distinct licenses, Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

  • User Service - Effective and light weight user account management that handles authentication call and exposes REST interface for storing, updating and getting users.
  • Accounting Service – Handles all monetary transactions and implements dual-entry bookkeeping. Multiple currencies are supported.
  • Wallet Service - Exposes REST interface for interacting with accounts. 
  • Back Office – A unified web-based interface that provides searching, filtering and editing functions for accounting and user services. 

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