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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Curacao Webhosting - The Only Way to Go

Curacao Webhosting – The Only Way to Go

Recently, one of South Africa’s largest hosting companies, Hetzner, was hacked, bringing to light just how easy it is for confidential and critical information to be compromised. Customer data, such as bank account details, domain information and FTP passwords were accessed, making them vulnerable. It is believed that the hackers used an SQL injection to gain access to Hetzner’s konsoleH control panel, leaving customers exposed to the hackers having access to their websites. 

 An unsecure server paves way for disaster, especially when relying on that server to run an efficient and effective business. Curacao prides itself on being one of the most secure servers, offering hosting from an off-shore jurisdiction with connectivity to the United States and South America. Curacao proudly services clients such as financial institutions, as well as listed and non-listed online gambling companies. Curacao’s strict privacy laws, fiscal benefits and licensing ensure client information remains reliable and secure at all times. Clients are dealt with on a one-on-one basis, and have access to a multi-lingual workforce. Curacao’s upholds its policy to ensure their clients businesses run at optimum performance, and that any assistance or advise is available through their support desk.

Offshore Hosting

In the ever-growing business world, off-shore hosting has become an integral part of operation. Offshore hosting enables your website to be hosted on a server that is in a different country to the one in which your business is physically located. Curacao is ideal for Caribbean based companies, small businesses and banks that are offshore. The benefits of offshore hosting include:

·          Personal privacy:  personal identities are protected 
·         A higher degree of security and reliability limits theft of information
·         A business operating in a natural-disaster prone area is enjoys the benefit of protected   services offshore
·         Copyright abuse is ignored
·        Increased saving and profit due to reduced in-house expenses
·         Global coverage

In addition, Curacao proudly provide SSL Certificates for client businesses, allowing their domain name, server or host name to be bound do their organization and location. Businesses are offered both a standard domain, or secure multiple sub-domains based on the business needs. 

Gambling and Gaming Hosting

Curacao is prides itself on providing a secure gambling and gaming hosting platform. Hosting is secured by a valid license, and meets all legal requirements. Clients are assisted with the set-up of their operation, including assistance with investment partners if required. 

Products and Services

Curacao offer multiple server options, ensuring clients individual business needs are met. Products include:

·         VPS Servers: hardware is located in Curacao, and are customised to client needs
·         Shared Servers: Choose from Entry, Professional, Business, Enterprise and Custom plans
·         Shared Bandwidth: A top-up option for those instances where additional bandwidth is required
·         Global CDN: Access to sites from across the globe
·         Rent a dedicated server
·         Co-locate with Curacao to benefit from their additional services

Contact Curacao ( today for a free consultation on how to meet your business’ needs and ensure maximum security through offshore hosting.